Coming soon….unlimited FREE online storage/hack

It’s been a well known fact for some time know that Yahoo! will soon role out UNLIMITED free storage for yahoo mail users, and since there is already a program to hack gmail into a hard drive, how long is it going to be before someone realises, and writes, a program to turn your yahoo email account into an online hard drive, if, and when that happens, i suppose companies like Xdrive from AOL can just wave goodbye to their “pay-for” storage plans. Although 2 storage companies i have used myself, box.net and Omnidrive, are probably safe. On the one hand, a simple server connection turns Box.net into a slick little 1GB .mac replacement, and Omnidrive does the same except you have to install a small app to make it do this, better still, omnidrive is slick even on an old Windows XP computer which is bogged down in registry items. Both of these companies offer solutions WAY slicker and user friendly than what any hacker will probably write, so the lesson for companies whose business model relies on people paying for storage (after upgrading from a free storage plan) then those companies to make their solutions, slicker, more user friendly, lighter on system resources and definetly offer more storage per buck because if they don’t, as far as they are concerned, if this hack comes out the upper “uber-geek” end of their market is GONE.


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