The Pixelcorps.

Recently, i have become a member of the organisation known as the “Pixelcorps”.  The Pixelcorps is a guild of content creator’s, tech-heads, and new media Oficcionados.  The thing is, the Pixelcorps is kind of “inside-baseball” at the moment.  Very few people take the time to “review” membership, and explain it on a detailed level.  Well, I’m going to.From the moment you join, the Pixelcorps is a wonderful experience.  So much is included with your membership it’s hard to believe the price.  Without special code’s or the Pixelcorp’s annual summer promotion, membership is still an excellent deal.  When you join, you get sent your reciepts, registration info and links to everything a new member needs, then comes the amazing experience. Firstly, the Pixelcorps has a members-only wiki, we’ll revisit it later, but for the moment, i can tell you that within this wiki there is a multi-page guide, explaining what you need to do to take advantage of your membership.  This guide isn’t just a string of text which you need to trawl-through, video training is included, every step of the way, a member of the pixelcorps staff will guide you on how to create your forum avatar, how to access the Pixelcorps internal tools and more. Speaking of “internal tools”, the Pixelcorps membership is more than just a group of people.  You get access to hours of video training, a private Pixelcorps-VPN account (allowing you to “tunnel-in” to the Pixelcorps central, and access the rest that the Pixelcorps has to offer), and access to pro-software.  By Pro-software, i mean real pro software, Cinema 4D, Modelling tools-In short, thousands of dollars of useful, powerful tools.Beyond this the Pixelcorps offers internal “challenges”, pre-release footage on new equipment (such as the Red Camera). Apart from this, the Pixelcorps is really a community of technology savvy people who are incredibly knowledgeable in their own niche’s,  and who are willing to pass around idea’s, tips, tricks and more to their fellow Pixelcorps Members. Its the beginning of the year, and, in my “blown-away and amazed” reviewers opinion, if you really want to get in to visual media, new media and a whole lot more, its a great time to join the Pixelcorps. 


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