Fix Delicious!

I use the service “Delicious” (at del.icio.us) a lot to bookmark interesting stories and tidbits from the internet (you can see my 7 most recent posts in our website sidebar), and love it.  Its ease of use, sense of community, utility for podcast workflows and more make it one of my must haves.  Unfortunately when i want to see who else has saved a story of mine (which i’m interested in to find like-minded people, find out if people saved my stories etc) i am increasingly finding myself on the recieving end of a “999 Error”-Which to put it bluntly means i am denied of a large chunk of Del.icio.us’s social functionality.  Yahoo! should realise that buying del.icio.us was a great acquisition and that it is one of the well used and modern parts of their portfolio, but if i keep seeing errors and can’t use del.icio.us as i should be able to, I, and probably most of the del.icio.us community, will leave.


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