Quality-a note to web service providers

Being a tech junkie does a lot of things to you.  One of the biggest is changing your stances on quality, because after having trawled through hundreds of web services, I’m not willing to put up with anything other than well-written and first-class products (in the realm of web services).  That’s why i use WordPress, i have gone through 4-6 Content Management systems and WordPress was the only one which was easy to set up, had a plethora of features, excellent spam protection, was a joy to use, and simply had a slick feel to it.  As a result, if i’m investigating a web service, if you can’t make your product seem engaging within 5-10 seconds, i’m gone.  If i try your product and its not intuitive and doesn’t have that sense of polish and quality that it should (wordpress and the products written by 37 Signals are examples of that polish) then i’m gone.  As something near to a power-user and someone who does actually value their time- I shouldn’t have to learn the tiny intricacies of your product and pound on it for about 3 days to get it working.  Basic functionality should be slick and intuitive, and more importantly should work right out of the box.  Advanced functionality should be intuitive to access and have an easy learning curve.  Taking the time to achieve this is beneficial to you to- because by building a great product that people use, your users will love it, pass it on, and help you along the way


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