Thanks for visiting the Acrossthepod website. Acrossthepod is a podcast and blog dedicated to cool, new and sometimes all out geeky technology. We like to bring opinions from both sides of the atlantic. Something that we felt, when we started acrossthepod, was somewhat lacking. There were podcasts dedicated to listeners on both sides of the atlantic, but not both at the same time.

We were primarily inspired by the reasonably famous Twit 38: Macworld Expo 2006, although somewhat forgotten now that the twit (this week in tech) podcast has specialist macbreak weekly. We think this episode of the renown This Week In Tech podcast had just the right blend of what we wanted in a tech podcast, Outspoken members of the geek community talking and discussing technology they love, and having fun along the way. We hope to do this, it’s what we stand for, and we hope to bring it to you

Long Term Review Process:

We have reviewed a fair chunk of software outside of this site, and have recently brought Reviews “to the table”, as part of this website.  Here at Across The Pod, we plan to do all the review “things” we wish we could do when we normally review products.  We call it our “Long Term Review Process” (Note: Currently Across The Pod only reviews software).  Here’s how it works:

  •  We Review Products for 30-70 Days, as many products require a longer review period in order to get a complete “sense” of the product
  • Our Product reviews are unbiased and fully disclaimed, as we don’t make software, we are unbiased, and we don’t have advertising deals with the product makers we review.  If we do have any relevant information that we feel is important for the reader-this will be fully disclaimed
  • We may (and often do) accept review copy’s of the software we use
  • We will not “Sell” our editorial content in return for “bribes” (free software, hardware etc) or monetary increments
  • Our Reviews are “Real”- We view our products from the point of the end user, not the  “reviewer”, if applicable- the software being reviewed will be used as a replacement to our day-to-day equivalent
  • We have an “open shop” policy on review information, if review information is incorrect, we are happy, and would like, to be corrected on that info.  Reviews will then be updated as a result.  If you comment on a review to issue a correction, and a review changes as a result, your comment will be acknowledged if possible.
  • Revisiting the space- We will revisit reviews from time to time, and reviews will be changed accordingly.  Reviews most in demand of a revisit will have priority in this respect
  • Giveaways-  We like giving you stuff! So we might accept a few copies of software from a manufacture to give to readers.
  • Coupons and deals- We might make deals with manufacturers to offer discounts and deals to our readers on software, these will only occur AFTER we have reviewed the software and we believe the software is worth passing on to you- these deals will be fully disclaimed

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