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Drupal-What next

Drupal is a great CMS (content management system), and has some really powerful uses (such as but it is limited, if Drupal really wants to become the CMS of choice, i think they need to make some changes.  Take wordpress as a base, wordpress is the most powerful blogging system i know, and i love using it, and having trawled through blogspot, typepad, moveable type and even vox i don’t want to switch anytime soon.  What drupal needs to do is perhaps fork the code, produce an easy to use version of Drupal for Bloggers and podcasters, or perhaps have a “new media mode” which can be turned on and off, this way, it can maintain the power of drupal, but do what wordpress does best, and since WordPress is open source, they could even build a module to turn wordpress themes into drupal themes.  I want drupal to become wordpress for those who want to move beyond even wordpress, i want to be able to customise it completely, throw in modules of functionality, make the new media coverage experience easy.  Drupal has a lot of this already covered, with a little tweaking and some fresh code, Drupal goes from “great if you can get it working” to “the CMS for power users”- From Good to Great.