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This Just In-New Macworld Prediction!

There’s just minutes to go, so i’d thought i’d get my totally “out of left field” prediction out there, since no one quite can put their finger on the Steve-Jobs-Keynote Pulse this year-I am predicting a mock funeral for PowerPC, much like the one held at the WWDC keynote in 20002 for Mac OS 9. Prepare for the coffin to rise from the floor-PowerPC is dead! Long Live MacIntel!


Mac Review: Mailplane

Gmail in the web browser: Dead. To. Me.Why?  Because a kind developer gave me access to review his app, mailplane.appMailplane is a desktop-gmail client.  For people like me, who manage several gmail accounts, i just open up mailplane, check my default account, and simply click through every account in order, all while retaining Gmail’s user-experience ( for example, time tracked conversations instead of huge reply emails).  This is the app that gmail-junkies have been looking for. The interface is simple and intuitive, the user-experience just works and the level of polish on the app is very hig.
Did i mention that mailplane makes your gmail fully cocoa integrated.  This is huge, you can finally apply all the local-app functionality that Mac OS X offers to your gmail (Services, Automator, scripting, the list goes on….)Overall, i’m even considering using Mailplane in favour of apple  This is an excellent application and i would strongly recommend you all to check it out. Gmail-Junkie?, want a alternative”, or just want to cocoa your gmail?: the solution is right in front of you.  

  • Overall Rating: 5 Stars 

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