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Handcoding-the forgotten tool

People often get obsessed with the WYSWYG nature of modern web design, i’m asking them to take a step back from that.  With tools like Panics Coda and Mac Rabbits CSSedit using WYSWYG to do basic page layout and then hand coding to fine-tune your site and achieve the look you want, is becoming a very attractive option.  None of us like to learn how to code, but a little coding goes a Very Long Way.


This Just In-New Macworld Prediction!

There’s just minutes to go, so i’d thought i’d get my totally “out of left field” prediction out there, since no one quite can put their finger on the Steve-Jobs-Keynote Pulse this year-I am predicting a mock funeral for PowerPC, much like the one held at the WWDC keynote in 20002 for Mac OS 9. Prepare for the coffin to rise from the floor-PowerPC is dead! Long Live MacIntel!